Senior Move Managers and Professional Organizers


As a Senior Move Manager and  member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, NASMM, I have the resources to help relieve the physical and emotional stress associated with the overwhelming decisions of how to downsize and transition to a new residence after living a lifetime in your current home. My customized floor plans provide peace of mind showing how nicely your furniture will fit into your new residence. My goal would be to remove the burden of dealing with all these details and to make this transition as smooth as possible, while listening to and following my clients’ wishes as to how to proceed with the move.  



Elaine’s philosophy is simple — “Less is more and more is less.” “The first part speaks to my organizing philosophy (the less stuff one has the more organizing one can accomplish). The second part actually favors the client. The more the client can do on their own — with some guidance — the less time they will need when we work together and consequently the more money they will save.

Elaine’s approach was developed while working as a Director of Marketing for MetLife.  Juggling multiple tasks and prioritizing projects was a daily task.  As a result, she can break down ideas and express them in a way her clients can easily understand and put to use in their own lives.


   I love putting spaces and systems into order. I especially enjoy that calm feeling you get when the areas you live and work in are simplified and organized. Prior to becoming a professional organizer, I spent 20+ years in the corporate world of events management and marketing; planning and executing successful marketing campaigns and special events for a multitude of annual grand-scale B2B trade shows and conferences across the country. I decided to take all those transferable corporate skills (planning, organizing, business management, project management, systems engineering, problem solving, interpersonal...) and put them to work where I could make a real difference every day - helping clients get organized and simplify their spaces to make room and time for what is most important to them.